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Roadblock 1.9 ((EXCLUSIVE))

Dynein light chain roadblock proteins (DYNLRB1 and DYNLRB2) are non-catalytic accessory components of the cytoplasmic dynein 1 complex. The dynein light chains are required for the correct assembly of the dynein complex and have been implicated in controlling its association with cargo molecules. DYNLRB1 and DYNLRB2 can also be found in the dynein-2 complex [ (PUBMED:25205765) ].

Roadblock 1.9

Heggstad, who set out on October 1 on a planned 20,000-mile(32,200-km) solo trip from California to the tip of SouthAmerica and back, was traveling in northern Colombia when heran into a roadblock by guerrillas of the National LiberationArmy, Colombia's second-largest rebel force.

The rebel tactic of kidnapping people at roadblocks hasmade many a Colombian highway a no-go area. One foreigner perweek is kidnapped on average. With 4,000 abductions in 2000,Colombia is by far the world's kidnapping capital. 041b061a72


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