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M Huncho - So To My X: Download and Listen to New Track

How to Download M Huncho's Music

If you are a fan of British hip hop and trap music, you might have heard of M Huncho, a rapper and singer from London who has been making waves in the scene with his distinctive masked persona and melodic flow. M Huncho has released several projects, including Utopia, Huncholini the 1st, DNA, and Chasing Euphoria, that have earned him critical acclaim and commercial success. But how can you download his music and enjoy it offline? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about who M Huncho is, why you should download his music, and where you can find it.

Who is M Huncho?

M Huncho is a British rapper and singer from North-West London (born 17 November 1993). He started his musical career in 2017, when he performed a Mad About Bars online freestyle session and released his first EP, Get Out. Since then, he has dropped several EPs and mixtapes, such as 48 Hours, Utopia, Huncholini the 1st, DNA (with Nafe Smallz), and Chasing Euphoria. His debut studio mixtape, Utopia, has been streamed over 77 million times globally and reached number 13 in the UK Albums Chart. His second mixtape, Huncholini the 1st, peaked at number 5 in the UK. He has also collaborated with artists like Nafe Smallz, Yxng Bane, Headie One, Yung Bleu, Dutchavelli, and Unknown T.

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Background and career

M Huncho was born in London to Afghan parents who fled their country during the Soviet-Afghan War. He grew up in a council estate and was exposed to various genres of music, such as rock, pop, R&B, and rap. He started rapping at the age of 14, but did not take it seriously until he was 23. He decided to wear a mask to conceal his identity and focus on his music rather than his image. He also wanted to avoid any negative attention from his family and community, who did not approve of his musical aspirations.

M Huncho rose to fame after his Mad About Bars freestyle session with Mixtape Madness and Kenny Allstar in 2017, which showcased his unique style of blending rap and singing over trap beats. He followed it up with his first EP, Get Out, which featured the single "Mediocre". He then released another EP, 48 Hours, in 2018, which he recorded in two days. In 2019, he signed a deal with Island Records and released his debut studio mixtape, Utopia, which featured songs like "One Summer", "Tranquility", and "Thumb" (with Nafe Smallz). The mixtape received positive reviews from critics and fans alike and was certified silver by the BPI.

In 2020, M Huncho released his second mixtape, Huncholini the 1st, which included tracks like "Bando Ballads", "5AM" (with Nafe Smallz), and "Pee Pee". The mixtape debuted at number 5 on the UK Albums Chart and was also certified silver by the BPI. Later that year, he teamed up with Nafe Smallz again for a collaborative mixtape called DNA, which featured guest appearances from Young Adz, Yxng Bane, Headie One, Gunna, and more. The mixtape reached number 6 on the UK Albums Chart.

In 2021, M Huncho released a single called "Overpriced" and announced that he was working on his third mixtape. He also revealed that he had removed his mask for good after being exposed by a YouTube channel called Trap Lore Ross. He said that he wanted to move on from the mask and focus on his music. He also dropped his third mixtape, Chasing Euphoria, which featured songs like "Breadwinner" (with Yung Bleu), "Sing a Song" (with Dutchavelli), and "Survive" (with Unknown T). The mixtape debuted at number 4 on the UK Albums Chart and received positive feedback from critics and fans.

Style and influences

M Huncho is known for his distinctive style of rap-singing, which he calls "trapwave". He describes it as a fusion of trap music and wave music, which is a subgenre of rap that uses melodic vocals and atmospheric beats. He says that he was inspired by artists like Future, Young Thug, Travis Scott, and Lil Uzi Vert, who also blend rap and singing in their music. He also cites Drake, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Nas as some of his influences.

M Huncho's music is characterized by his use of auto-tune, reverb, and echo effects to create a smooth and catchy sound. He often sings about his experiences in the streets, his aspirations, his struggles, and his emotions. He also uses metaphors, wordplay, and imagery to convey his messages. Some of his recurring themes are money, drugs, women, loyalty, betrayal, and spirituality. He says that he wants to make music that people can relate to and vibe with.

Why download M Huncho's music?

There are many reasons why you should download M Huncho's music and listen to it offline. Here are some of them:

Benefits of downloading music

Downloading music has several advantages over streaming it online. Some of them are:

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  • You can save data and battery life by not using your internet connection to play music.

  • You can enjoy your music without any interruptions from ads or buffering issues.

  • You can access your music anytime and anywhere, even when you don't have a network connection or a Wi-Fi signal.

  • You can create your own playlists and organize your music according to your preferences.

  • You can transfer your music to other devices or share it with your friends easily.

Features of M Huncho's music

M Huncho's music has many features that make it worth downloading and listening to offline. Some of them are:

  • His music is versatile and diverse, as he experiments with different genres, styles, and sounds.

  • His music is catchy and memorable, as he uses hooks, choruses, and melodies that stick in your head.

  • His music is relatable and authentic, as he raps and sings about his real-life experiences and emotions.

  • His music is inspirational and motivational, as he encourages his listeners to chase their dreams and overcome their challenges.

  • His music is high-quality and well-produced, as he works with talented producers, engineers, and collaborators.

Where to download M Huncho's music?

If you want to download M Huncho's music and enjoy it offline, you have several options to choose from. Here are some of them:

Official sources

The best way to download M Huncho's music is to use the official sources that he provides on his website or social media accounts. These include:

  • : You can purchase and download M Huncho's albums and singles from iTunes Store. You can also stream his music on Apple Music if you have a subscription.

  • : You can stream M Huncho's music on Spotify for free or with a premium account. You can also download his music for offline listening if you have a premium account.

  • : You can buy and download M Huncho's albums and singles from Amazon Music. You can also stream his music on Amazon Music Unlimited if you have a subscription.

  • : You can stream M Huncho's music on YouTube Music for free or with a premium account. You can also download his music for offline listening if you have a premium account.

Alternative sources

If you want to download M Huncho's music from other sources than the official ones, you have to be careful about the legality and quality of the files. Some of the alternative sources that you can use are:[

  • : You can stream M Huncho's music on SoundCloud for free or with a pro account. You can also download some of his tracks for free if he enables the download option.

  • : You can stream and download M Huncho's music on Audiomack for free. You can also create playlists and follow his profile.

  • : You can stream and download some of M Huncho's mixtapes on DatPiff for free. You can also rate and comment on his projects.

  • : You can stream and download some of M Huncho's freestyles and songs on Mixtape Madness for free. You can also watch his videos and read his news.


M Huncho is one of the most popular and influential artists in the UK hip hop and trap scene. He has a unique style of rap-singing that he calls "trapwave",


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