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PointerFocus 2.4 DC 2015.01.13 Free Download [BEST]

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PointerFocus 2.4 DC 2015.01.13 Free Download [BEST]

6) little mouse link: click here little mouse is another mouse highlighter. similar to mymouse, little mouse is also capable of notifying you whenever your cursor is over an area of interest. it is also highly customizable, with some of its features being customizable. however, this tool is not free. if you are looking for something basic, then little mouse is the one for you.

8) fixed pointer link: click here if you want to make your mouse pointer a fixed marker, then fixed pointer is for you. it is a simple tool with a very simple interface, and it is definitely not for the casual user. but if you are looking for a simple tool that will keep your audience focus on you, fixed pointer is perfect for you. when creating presentations, fixed pointer is perfect to keep your audience focused on the area you want them to. but, this will never be freeware. you must register to use it. if you want to try it out, then you can register for free at this site. 9) spotlight mouse link: click here spotlight mouse is another mouse highlighter that is simple, yet powerful. it is highly customizable, and is capable of magnifying your mouse cursor, highlighting it, and indicating clicks. however, it is not very powerful, and the price of 12 is just kind of steep for me. so i think spotlight mouse is perfect for the casual market.

but dont get me wrong though. it is still a good working mouse highlighter, and the highlight can be customized plus, this is a totally free app. nothing to complain about, a good one to use if you dont want all the extra features. 3d9ccd7d82


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