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SUPER SMASHDOWN 2021 Tournament

Nerd Alert Gaming is excited to bring to you the Smash n' Grab Tournament Series!

Tournament Series:

There will be 3 tournament series that will lead up to the SUPER SMASHDOWN 2021 Tournament later next year. Those series will include:

Smash n' Grab: Alpha
Smash n' Grab: Bravo
Smash n' Grab: Charlie

Each series will consist of a total of 4 tournaments. The 1st and 3rd tournament will be played using standard 1v1 tournament rules. The 2nd tournament will always have a special stipulation. These 3 tournaments will lead to the 4th and final tournament of the series. In this case, it would be Smash n' Grab: Alpha Finale.

1st place winners of the 3 Smash n' Grab Tournaments will win a prize along with a 1st-round bye and FREE entry to SUPER SMASHDOWN 2021!

The BIG SCREEN BASH Tournament (Dec. 13) will be the first tournament of the Smash n' Grab Tournament series.

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